Saturday, September 5, 2009

Birthday Boy!

Well today was Dillon's second birthday! I can't believe that he's two years old already. Time really just flies by. It seems like he grows and develops so much every week, and at the same time it seems like he was just a tiny little helpless baby yesterday! Today we didn't do a whole lot, but boy am I exhausted. My parents were here, so Dillon got to spend the day with them as well. We made Sesame Street cupcakes (which he still hasn't eaten), went to dinner, and then came home and opened a couple of presents. And, okay, I'll never be a professional cake decorator, but the cupcakes sure are cute! He got a brand spankin' new tricycle, which is made completely from recycled material. So cool! And he got right on and started pushing himself around. He hasn't really figured out the pedals yet, but that's okay! He was scooting around the living room and just loving every second of his new big boy vehicle.

I also had a meeting this morning with the teacher and the other families at his new school program at the local Waldorf school. I'm not sure what we'll end up doing as far as education with him (or any of our children for that matter), but we love the Waldorf ideas and are starting a parent-toddler program on Friday the 11th, which is just once a week for a couple of hours. I think it'll be great to get him around other kids on a regular basis, and place him in a different environment where his mind and imagination are fostered. Of course either Joel or I will be there with him during this program, it's not one of those where you drop them off, which is really okay with me. I'm not quite ready to let him go yet, and I don't think that he's ready to be without us either at this point. I'll make sure to let everyone know how his first day of school went next week! :o)

Here are some photos from today, of my big boy! :o)

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  1. He is so adorable, Heather! What a big boy! I love the cupcakes, they turned out so cute!!!