Saturday, January 30, 2010


Smudge is the best cat in the entire world. Even if you don't like cats, you can't help but like THIS cat. She plays fetch, rolls around, never EVER scratches or bites no matter how many times she's provoked, likes dogs and kids... well she pretty much likes anything. She hangs out with you while you watch TV. She does your laundry. Okay, she doesn't do laundry, but I bet she would if she had opposable thumbs! Her only drawback, you ask? She's a bit of a binge eater. She eats an obnoxious amount of food, and then pukes it up, preferably right on top of something that's hard to clean. Like, Noah's white rug. Sigh.

But still, you can't help but love this cat.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Frozen green beans... yummy!

Every time we open the freezer, Dillon wants ice cream. His biggest decision in life is which kind of ice cream he wants. Now, don't freak out, because he only actually gets ice cream maybe once every 2 weeks, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't insist on having it every time the freezer opens. But today, I opened the freezer to look for something to heat up for lunch, and he picked up the bag of green beans! There was nothing on the planet that he wanted more than those frozen green beans. And, he wanted them as-is! No heating required! Talk about a quick snack. :o)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Have baby? Need playmat!

Today was the first day that I've been able to take a picture of both boys together. Yay! Okay so they aren't the lovey, adorable photos that you would normally want of your two little lovebugs, and I likely won't frame them, but hey. It's a start. :o) Noah spent a significant amount of time on the playmat this morning. Dillon was obsessed with this thing when he was a baby, and I'm happy to see that his brother is following in his footsteps. It's the older version of the Baby Einstein mat... I'm pretty sure that there's a new one out now, but it has a star that attaches to it and it lights up and plays music. The star also has a somewhat creepy smiley face, but it seems to be a hit with babies! I only wish that the thing played music longer than 4 minutes at a time! Here is Noah enjoying the show, and Dillon rediscovering the creepy star.

Another big hit is the little red bird.

And these are so typical of Dillon. Can't you just see him giving some sort of political speech? Or maybe he's giving a talk about animal rights. "Fur is murder!" "Just say no to puppy mills!" :o)

Yes, I know the house is a mess. Don't judge me. Anyone who's ever had a 2 year old and a newborn will understand. Also please notice our lovely new bamboo flooring! We have about half of the house done now, and Joel is working hard to get to the hallway before he goes back to work. I'm looking forward to the day that I no longer have to look at concrete with leftover scrapings of porcelain tile! I'll post some decent pictures of the floors when they're done. :o)

In other news, Noah has, for the last 3 nights, slept for 5 hours at a time. Woohoo! I don't really know what to do with myself when I'm not waking up every 2 hours! The only problem is that Joel and I are so used to his screwy schedule that we're up until about 3am still, and Noah has decided that 6 or so is a good time to get up for the day. Yawn. But if that's our biggest problem in life, then life is pretty good. :o)


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Project 365... all the cool kids are doing it.

So that I have more motivation to not only blog on a more regular basis (okay, so ANYTHING would be better than I've been doing LOL), but also to give me more motivation to take photos of the boys and of our home life, I've decided to *try* and take part in the biggest craze hitting the digi scrapping community (or maybe it's all over the place, but I've only ever heard about it amongst digi scrappers). A Year In Photos: 2010 is another Project 365 deal, where you take a photo per day, every day. EVERY DAY. That's a LOT of photos! And even though some days the photos might be kind of lame or mundane, the point is to take photos! Remember your kids on the day that your 2 year old threw the biggest tantrum of his life in Target (how I wish I had a camera when we were there!). Remember the day that the baby smiled for the first time, or had the biggest poop blowout of his life (although maybe you don't need to share that photo with the rest of us). And blog about it, too! That way you can keep track not only of the day itself, but also what special things happened that day, no matter how small and silly they may seem now. I can't believe that Noah is already 6 weeks old, but here we are, and in the blink of an eye he's turned from a tiny scrawny helpless little lump to a baby! Ack! :o) He's already holding his head up pretty well, smiling at things like lights and contrasting colors (and sometimes us if we're lucky), and cooing up a storm. Joel is going back to work on Monday, and I'm a little bit nervous about being home by myself with two kids, but apparently people do it all the time so I think we'll be fine. ;o)

I just made this decision to start P365 like, 10 minutes ago, so I don't have photos from every day in January. But I have a couple!

From January 14th:

Dillon being a ham, as usual. LOL! He sure does love his apples! I left this one in color because I thought it was cuter this way. :o) Everytime a camera comes out, he puts the silliest faces on. And don't even get me started on the apples... He has one, eats 4 bites, and decides he needs a new one. Sigh.

From January 15th:

What a big boy! Already holding his head up. :o) We had quite a few spit-ups during this little photo shoot, but at least I got some cute pictures!

And finally, our official DAY ONE. Which is really day 27. :o)

Noah just loves looking at the fish tank! I'm not sure what he can actually see, but we think maybe he's looking at the water coming out of the filter. It's more like a waterfall right now since we need to fill it, LOL.

That's all for today! Let's see how long I can keep this up! :o)